My Lake District surprise… Part 2 πŸ’•

We began day 2 of our Lake District adventure with breakfast at 9am in our hotel (an early start for us when we’re on holiday πŸ˜‚). We both opted for a Full English to fill us up for the morning! I have to say, it was delicious πŸ˜‹

We’d made a full packed itinerary for the day, so we had lots to do before we heading home the following morning. We were told by our wonderfulΒ hotel staff that in Windermere, there was a sister hotel to the one we were staying in – The MacDonald Old England Hotel – which allowed us full use of their spa facilities! 😏 Owen and I LOVE a spa and a swim, so that was certainly on our list to to. We were able to park at the hotel for Β£5 for the whole day too, which was a lot cheaper than the pay and display car parks we’d seen the night before.

So swiftly after breakfast, we headed into Windermere to park up in The Old England hotel for the day. The hotel was right in the centre of the town in a perfect location by the Lake. There was valet parking no less, so we dropped off the keys and headed straight for an attraction I was sooo eager to visit!


The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction!!! Despite being almost 30, I was super excited to go there! I adore the works of Beatrix Potter, and grew up reading her books and falling in love with the characters she created πŸ’• As a child I even had a pet rabbit called Flopsy, numerous trinkets of characters, a Jemima Puddleduck jumper (my mum had a matching one too!) and all of the books which I was obsessed with. My mum was a huge fan of Beatrix also, and when I told her that this attraction was here she was just as excited as I! πŸ˜ŠπŸ°πŸ’•

The whole place was aimed at children, but I can certainly tell you that people of all ages can experience the magic there and see the characters come to life ☺️

When we were there we discovered that Beatrix Potter’s house was on the other side of the lake, so with puppy dog eyes I looked at Owen, and he said “you don’t even have to ask!” And I squealed with excitement knowing I was able to see her house in real life!! 🏑

After leaving The World of Beatrix, we had a spot of lunch in a little cafe (prawn sandwiches went down a treat!) and had a nice look around the town of Windermere. It was a beautiful town, full of charm and cute shops that I could have spent a fortune in. 😍

After a stroll and wishing we were rich, we went to The Old England for a swim. Β  πŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I love swimming, and every time I go I say to myself I should swim more! The pool was too cold for Owen, so he just dipped his feet in because he’s a pansy πŸ˜‚

We then sat in the sauna for a while before the excitement of visiting Beatrix Potter’s house was a bit too much for me haha, and we headed out to collect the car.

We drove all around the Lake in the early afternoon sun, lapping up the views and drooling over cottages before arriving in the tiny village of Sawrey where Beatrix’s home was. 🏑😍

Upon arrival, the car park was heaving! You had to book a time slot for visiting the house and we were told there was an hour wait as almost all tickets for the day had sold! Typical! πŸ™„ Obviously we didn’t research this before heading there, but we agreed to kill an hour and wait for our allocated time.

The house and grounds was left to The National Trust by Beatrix, and so we were given lots of information and a map of the village when purchasing tickets.

On the map were locations of some places of inspiration for some of Beatrix’s stories! We found the postbox which Peter Rabbit sent a letter, and the white gate from The Tale of Tom Kitten 😻

We found a few other places but my photos were terrible πŸ˜‚

Then it was time to enter the grounds of Hill Top! There were lots of people there, stuffed into the long garden waiting for their turn to admire the insides of the first home that Beatrix Potter had bought with her earnings from her book sales. 🌿🌸🏑 the time slot we were given was for entering the house itself, but we were given access to the gardens and had a lush time exploring Mr McGregor’s vegetable patch in the sunshine!


The time of year we were there meant that lots of plants hadn’t grown yet, which was a shame. I bet later in the year the place would be blossoming with beautiful blooms! 🌱🌸


And there we have it, Hill Top Farm! 😍 It was exactly as I’d hoped! As a child I had the animations of her books on VHS, and at the start of every story, there was an actress playing Miss Potter who’d be out painting and would run in from the rain into Hill Top. It was like going back in time and I loved every second of it! I got quite emotional. I was there, at her house, where she would have stood, admiring everything that she admired! πŸ’•πŸ‘

When we entered the house, it was preserved in a museum like way, with all of her belongings and decor exactly as it was and would have been.

There were extracts from books and quotes dotted around the place which made the experience a little more magical. The worst thing about the whole tour was that we only had 5 rooms to explore! Being a cottage it was rather small, and I understand that Beatrix sold half of the cottage to a farmer next door, or something along the lines of that, so a few rooms were blocked off and we weren’t allowed in them. But all in all it was a lovely experience πŸ’•

We left full of smiles and dreams of owning a little cottage of our own one day ☺️ and headed back to our hotel via the winding roads around the lake. The views were extraordinary!

We stumbled across a little pub in the middle of nowhere, which we just had to stop in for a pint on our way back! It was in a beautiful location and I couldn’t wait to see what it was like inside.IMG_9455

This was the view from the carpark, glorious! 😍

Upon entry, we were treated by an open fire! It was perfect. The staff working there were lovely, and surprisingly (considering its location) it was rather busy in there! We each had a drink before heading back on the road to our hotel.

We headed straight for the restaurant at the hotel, and had plenty of laughs as Owen tried to explain to me the rules of chess πŸ˜‚ the drinks flowed as we celebrated a successful day of exploring and fun! Food was delicious; I had a homemade burger with sweet potato fries, and it was phenomenal 😍


We headed to our room after food to reflect on the day and get some rest before our 5 hour journey home the next day. We were up early in the morning we were leaving to make it in time for breakfast again before we hit the road. I have to say, the staff in Lyth Valley were so friendly and welcoming, I’d certainly go back there given the chance!

We left as the rain came in, marking a convenient end to our fab mini break 😊

And that’s it! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my rambling πŸ˜‚ I could never condense a story if I tried haha!

I’m sure there’ll be more posts from me soon…

Lou xo


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