Let the countdown begin… ☺️

Woohoo, it’s the Easter Holidays!!
Owen and I have two whole weeks off work together, and I am so pleased about it 😊

Owen and I walked into town the other day (which despite living only a 15 minute stroll from town, is a very rare occurrence 😂) with the intention of booking a summer holiday. We’ve been in talks of booking a holiday for weeks now, so we bit the bullet and decided to go for it before prices go up. So we headed straight into the local travel agents and asked them to find us a good deal in Croatia.

Neither of us have been there before, but we’ve heard nothing but good things about Croatia. My parents have been going for three years now, each to a different area on the coast and they couldn’t recommend it more. Looking at pictures of Croatia sold it to me instantly – we knew we HAD to go there! 😍

The lovely travel agent gave us a few options to choose from within our budget which was £800.. 😱 now if you know me, you’d know that I consider that a ludicrous amount of money to spend! But I have to accept the fact that only being able to travel during the summer holidays brings extra expenses. Also, we were wanting to fly from Bristol as it’s close-ish to home. We could have flown from London for a lot cheaper, but when you consider the petrol it’d cost, plus a hotel stay over night, we probably wouldn’t be saving that much. So Bristol was the departure airport of choice! ✈️

The lady found us one option in Croatia through Thomson in our price range, which was in a tiny town, but I wasn’t sold on it. Call me fussy but it seemed like a very old fashioned hotel and in an area with few things for people to do. And when you’re spending £800 you want to be staying somewhere decent! 😳🏩

We were given a few options for other places, in Greece and Spain. There were hardly any holidays available for the money we had, and nothing seemed ‘right’. 😕

Feeling slightly deflated, the lady gave us print outs of each place she’d found, so we could go away and think about it before committing to anything. So with a mind full of questions, we headed to the pub to discuss our holiday woes. 🍺 (You can’t beat a beer garden in the sunshine! 😏)

I couldn’t believe that the travel agent could only find one holiday to Croatia in our budget, so out came my phone and I had a search on Thomson’s website to see what I could find. Putting in the same dates and departure airport; the first hotel that pops up is the one the lady showed us but for only £720 each!!! For the exact same holiday?! 😲 I thought I’d put something in wrong, but I checked and checked and it was right – the exact same holiday but for £80 cheaper. There was me thinking that by going to the travel agents directly we’d get ourselves a mega bargain without the hassle of searching myself – I couldn’t be more wrong!

That was it; operation find us a Croatian holiday online was in full force! 😎 I thought I’d still look for places around our £800 budget as there’d be lots more options online. Not only that, I found a discount code on the Thomson website for £100 off summer holidays!! GET IN! 😏

After a bit of researching and Tripadvisor studying, we found a beautiful hotel near Pula. It’s right by the beach, a little walk from the town and a central location for boat trips to neighbouring islands, plus is half board – perfect! 😍 The hotel is super sleek and modern, it hasn’t long been completely refurbished and looks gorgeous.

It was coming up under budget, and with that code for £100 off we had a bit of a bargain so decided to upgrade our room! Hello French balcony 😄 And in total we’ve paid £742 each. That’s for our hotel (half board), flights, transfers and a room upgrade! I’m so unbelievably happy about it, despite feeling a bit mugged off from the travel agents. I feel bad for people who maybe aren’t able to do what I did and book their holiday online themselves, so resort to going to the travel agents where they charge you lots more money. Oh well, I suppose they’ve got to make their money somehow.


100 days until we get to have a week of sunshine and loveliness in Croatia, I cannot wait!


Now to find out what fun things we can get up to when we’re there..

I have found this which is a must, night time paddle boarding!!


You get taken out on these light up boards at night, such a great idea!

Has anyone ever been to Croatia before? Can you suggest anything fun to do in the Pula area?

Thanks for taking the time to read this essay, which probably could have been condensed into a few sentences 😂 But I’m excited for holidays!!!

Lou xo 💕


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