Sunday Funday! ☀️

Finally here in West Wales, the sun put his hat on and we got to enjoy some glorious weather last weekend ☀️

Sunday is always a busy day for us, it’s usually made up of food shopping, cleaning and doing laundry… Boring! So this time around, with it being so sunny out, I got up early to get jobs done so we could enjoy the rarity of sunshine!

Our little Denis was thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and exploring the garden before we went out. I did have to stop him from chasing a bee mind 😂 and call him down from a tree! He is such a scallywag 😸


Typically, Owen and I couldn’t decide what to do with ourselves when we were ready to go out! So we decided on a little spin to Pontargothi just outside Carmarthen to have a drink in a little pub on the river called Cresselly Arms.

We’d usually visit the pub a cross the road called Cothi Bridge, but to our dismay it was closed. Luckily for us, the Cresselly Arms did not disappoint!

This gorgeous little pub is sat right on the edge of the river, with a fabulously large enclosed beer garden out the back, and a huge play area with swings and slides and climbing frames for children. 😊

There wasn’t any way we were staying inside, so a lovely picnic table became our spot for an hour. The garden is the perfect sun trap, we could have spent hours there soaking up the sunshine and watching the river. (I had a little go on the swings in the play area – I couldn’t resist! 😂 sensibly with it being a school night we thought just the one pint would suffice 😂

We didn’t have any food whilst there, even though they served sunday dinner between 12 and 4, and the smell of other patrons’ dinners was incredible 😍

We are most definitely going to go back there to sample some munch in the easter holidays. My parents are hoping to come and stay with us and we struggle to find nice places for food, and so the Creselly Arms would be perfect!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me.

We’re on major countdown to the Easter Holidays… only 3 more days until we have 3 weeks off!! Woohoo!!


Lou xo


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